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About Garden Central

Since 1996, Garden Central offers genuine personalized service plus hand picked plant material from Michigan's finest growers.  Owner Scott Pittman, along with his knowledgeable staff serves one customer at a time.

Over the years, Scott has developed a comprehensive approach to design.  First, he tailors each design to the specific objectives of the homeowner.  Second, he carefully considers the specific needs of the plant material that embodies the design.  Finally, he creates a unique and aesthetically pleasing arrangement considering color, texture, form, and architecture.  In other words, Scott makes sure to put the right plant in the right place so that the landscape functions successfully and looks great.

As a visual resource, the nursery offers customers an opportunity to see the plants which embody the design in a tasteful display.  Upon completion of the design phase, Scott plays an integral role in the installation of the project.  When the project is complete, Scott shares his knowledge and experience to protect your investment and to ensure success in the seasons that follow.  As a result of this continuity, customers enjoy beautiful, healthy landscapes.

Scott completed his formal education in 1990 with a five year Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture.  His study is complemented by over 30 years of landscape design and planting experience.  Considered an expert in his field, Scott teaches, consults, and speaks to a variety of audiences throughout the country.

Time and time again, Garden Central customers value the experience of shopping at the retail nursery and enjoy working with Scott to create a pleasant landscape to enhance their home. 


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